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The Trio of Terror Returns: Pumpkin Spice, Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Gartner says Inclusivity and ESG (environmental, social and governance) is more important than pricing: 48% plan to buy less – 63% to spend the same, 9% more? Huh, what?

The cost of polarization of the culture

Will AI bring about the end of hourly billing?

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Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier: Field Experimental Evidence of the Effects of AI on Knowledge Worker Productivity and Quality

AI Point solutions and the importance of asking about the foundation models

Container Store text message segmentation

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Chris goes iPhone 15, but marketers have to fear iOS 17

Only UTM survives

Upgrades for Bose

John visits the Van Gogh VR exhibit

John at INBOUND, Huberman, John Radoff, show floor busy

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