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Alphabet talking to Morgan Stanley about making an offer for Hubspot – an exclusive from Reuters

Google Privacy Sandbox, Cloud Next

Gemini coming to Big Query and new Axion Hardware

1 Million tokens in Gemini 1.5

Gen AI for Agencies Free Webinar

AI based seach – defeating the 14 page recipe

12:04 Wix Studio is the web platform that gives agencies and enterprises the end-to-end efficiency to design, develop and deliver exactly the way they want to!

YouTube Updates including Livestream reactions and HDR

TourBox makes editing faster and easier, check it out.

Instagram Stories

Great article from Ben Vigneron on attribution

Marketing hires still down except for France?

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Rode Capture a dual camera app

Movie: Gran Turismo – David Harbour, Orlando Bloom

Book: Becoming Trader Joe

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