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Learn how a TikTok ban would work, GenAI for Agencies, Star Trek and more!

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Can’t be banned, but will it be bought?

Google and Meta (+27%) Ad Revenue up for Q1

YouTube Pushing Back on Ad Blockers

6:04 Wix Studio is the web platform that gives agencies and enterprises the end-to-end efficiency to design, develop and deliver exactly the way they want to!

GenAI for Email copy – Check out the GenAI for Agencies Webinar Recording Here, for Associations Here

10:40 – 12:06 NetSuite is the number one cloud financial system, bringing accounting, financial management, inventory, HR, into ONE platform, and ONE source of truth.

Digiday Says Threads Ads could be here by midyear

Robot Dogs Thread is running wild – it’s now less about followers than topics when it comes to getting passed

Instagram changing algo to feature creators outside their network, penalizing duplicate content, and no more aggregators

Gen AI Course Updates done: Special Discount on the newest Generative AI for Marketing Course! Hands on excercises to put AI to work for you! USE CODE MOC now!

Apple Watch Faces – Systems/Accessibility/Assistive Touch

Video: Discovery and X-Men 97

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