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Learn why every company needs a CCO, even if it’s fractional, life after Hubspot and more!

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Starting as a fan of Hubspot and then being hired to grow the fandom there

Finding the Customer Love Language

Starting as English major and considering Law, to teaching Math

Leaving Hubspot to start her own Fractional Chief Customer Officer Consultancy

6:44 NetSuite is the number one cloud financial system, bringing accounting, financial management, inventory, HR, into ONE platform, and ONE source of truth.

10:10 Why the CCO is needed, you can’t just add advocacy at the end

Pocket CCO

16:39 Wix Studio is the web platform that gives agencies and enterprises the end-to-end efficiency to design, develop and deliver exactly the way they want to!

Defining the ICP and gathering data to start

The mistake of thinking the customer journey is 2D – where game theory gets applied

23:30 "Your 9 is my 7, I’m hella picky"

28:00 Any time you are asking for money

Does everyone have to go for a White Glove experience?

Neil Gaiman

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