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Learn about Rand Fishkin’s Pulitzer Bid, SERP Hacks, Burst Mode, and more!

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60 hours in planes over 2 weeks

Google Gemini Upgrades including AI Answers

Rand is sent some leaked Google API Documentation – he then sent it to Mike King for further analysis

Using Gemini to decode it!

Keeping in mind your site level radius

Priority to the first 200 tokens (150 words)

10:00 Wix Studio is the web platform that gives agencies and enterprises the end-to-end efficiency to design, develop and deliver exactly the way they want to!

Erik Deckers sends a SERP hack

Google Marketing Live showcases AI powered tools

Rise of the Virtual Team Members

NetSuite is the number one cloud financial system, bringing accounting, financial management, inventory, HR, into ONE platform, and ONE source of truth.

iPhone Photography – lens choice, burst mode, and Live shots

Blackmagic for Video from DaVinci Resolve

Gen AI Course Updates done: Special Discount on the newest Generative AI for Marketing Course! Hands on excercises to put AI to work for you! USE CODE MOC now!

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