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Learn about Customer Data Platforms, Virtual Event Content, Luxury Apple Watch Bands and more!

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Customer Data Platform – a single customer record is maybe not required?

What are the 3 functions of a CDP?

Gemini showing up in Google Office and Email

Google stopping continuous scroll

7:18 – 8:47 NetSuite is the number one cloud financial system, bringing accounting, financial management, inventory, HR, into ONE platform, and ONE source of truth.

Toys R Us AI Generated Ad has come a long way since Pepperoni Hug Spot!

Lawn Mowing Death Knight

Chris’ first AI Generated single on Spotify

Wix Studio is the web platform that gives agencies and enterprises the end-to-end efficiency to design, develop and deliver exactly the way they want to!

Salesforce AI CEO on using GenAI for A/B Testing

Using virtual events to fill the content funnel

OpenAI and Reddit – Do we need more sarcasm? Are upvotes the key to better data?

The Acolyte, Speidel Watch Band, Lawrence

Vanishing Comedy Central and MTV

Gen AI Course Updates done: Special Discount on the newest Generative AI for Marketing Course! Hands on excercises to put AI to work for you! USE CODE MOC now!

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