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MoC Shaming: Stuff You KNOW Should Do
[also known as: “Seriously, if you’re not doing this….”]

Now you can get it all in one place, with easy-to-follow instructions for you or your staff:

  • Social Media ROI You Can’t Beat: Get on This Train NOW
  • Email Vendor Flame-outs: Must Dos & File Transferring Hacks
  • Purge These B2B Emails
  • SEO: It’s Always Back to the Basics
  • Prepping for the New SEO (yup, at the same time as SEO Basics)
  • EVERYTHING in Chapter 3: How to Use Google Tools

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Things You Always Suspected, but Never Could Prove

Don’t waste your time questioning this wisdom – just use it. 

  • Why Wikipedia is Unhackable
  • If it Breathes, it’s Qualified
  • The Velvet Rope Community: Dark Social

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Stuff So Good, We Almost Didn’t Publish It

100% You Should Try:

  • Pinterest Audience Targeting
  • Facebook Marketing Retargeting for Massive ROI
  • Put a Wheel on It (aka A Shortcut to Trade Show Success)

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Stuff That Could Make You a Marketing SuperHero

Ok, maybe just a hero or heroine. But this stuff is not hard, and could pay off big for your organization:

  • Advertising on Pandora
  • How to Get Free Reconnaissance on Your Prospects’ Solution  Use
  • AI: Marketing Stuff You Can Do (Cheaply) Right Now

Stuff That’s Useful and/or Cool, But Defies Categorization

Because everyone goes grocery shopping, right?

  • So Kid, You Want to Market?
  • How to Predict the (Likely) Death of Your App
  • Insider Produce Shopping Tip

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Christopher S. Penn Experiment Results

The creativity and results of a marketing star, the cold-eyed realism of a data analyst, and the “get-it-done” of a technologist, all in one mere mortal: MoC Co-Host Christopher S. Penn. Just some of the test info he’s shared on MoC:

  • How the 3-Link B2B Email Works
  • Twitter “Just In Case” Experiment
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) PR Release
  • Recycling Content via Social Media: Does it Work?
  • Visual Recognition: Scanning 10K Instagram posts for 3¢

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Lists, Charts, Tables and (G-Rated) Photos

Because a marketing book can’t scream “I Am Useful!” without these time-saving formats:Lists

  • Apps We Like:    41 ½ (½ is not a typo) Apps (+ 1 “Unapp”)

– What They Do, Why They Made Our List, Cost

  • Gear We Like:  25 ½ Picks ( ½ is not a typo.)

–  Also a gear abuse confession.

  • What Watson Can Do For Marketers: 3 Ways to Test AI (Free)
  • Event Exhibitor Survival Checklist
  • Amazon Email List-Cleaning Stats List

Charts, Tables & (G-Rated) Photos

  • Visual Goal Management Chart: A Live Sample
  • Facebook Messenger Bot Chat Transcripts
  • Virtual Reality (VR) photo of the Bonnie Lea Farm
  • Annie, the Black Lab, via Prisma
  • The Quadrant Review: Web Site Productivity

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Interviews: Not Transcripts, Just The Useful Stuff

We did the work so you don’t have to: 16 interviews boiled down to only the pearls of wisdom:

Marketing Visionaries

  • Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, David Meerman Scott and more

Marketing Luminaries from:

  • Bitly,,, HubSpot, Kettle & Fire, Rapid7

Social Media, PR & Alternative Media Experts

  • Jeremy Goldman, Tim Street, Tom Webster

Customer Perception Virtuosos

  • Jay Baer, Kate Edwards, Daniel Lemin

Note: Don’t miss Kate’s #1 Interview Question. It’s killer.

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BONUS: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Goofs 1

We used artificial intelligence to transcribe MoC podcasts into (sort of) EnglishThese are the AI’s crazy mistakes that almost got our editor kicked out of the library for loud, riotous laughter. Warning: You’d better have a strong bladder. Fails Include:

  • Chris’s Stripper Names
  • Sex and AI
  • Now With More Idioms!
  • Now With More Proper Name Attempts!
  • Now With More Seth Godin!

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