Great Marketing – He Told Just 12 Guys

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About Greener Marketing, WordPress 2.7 and the Marketing Over Coffee Awards Finalists! All this and more…

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00:45 John Blue tells us to Get Green. Virtual trade shows (like Unisfair) vs. webinars vs trade shows

07:54 Mahalo Answers – Jason Calacanis (of Silicon Alley Reporter) finds MOC

10:26 John’s wordpress gets hacked, so he upgrades to WordPress 2.7 (Coltrane)

11:52 Google Alerts cranked up for some reason and then Plugins and 2.7

14:09 Chris Brogan K-Mart Controversy – Is blogola accepted only if it matches your brand? (hat tip to Whitney Hoffman for a previous related discussion)

18:57 Scott Monty deals with a Twitter Brushfire for Ford, check out the case study from Ron Amok

20:18 Finalists for the 23rd Annual Marketing Over Coffee Awards! Winners announced week after next!

Finalists for the 23rd Annual MOC Awards

Best Marketing Idea of 2008

Bottled Water

VMWare on Twitter

Discounts for Cellphone Adds Campaign – KC Greene

CVS Pharmacy sponsors Extreme Home Makeover

Most Unusual Marketing Idea of 2008 That Actually Worked

Podcast Sponsorship – Marketing Over Coffee

Best Use of New Media in a Steakhouse

Caminito Argentinean Steakhouse and BlogCase Study “ditched about 80% of our previous print marketing”

New Flemings Steakhouse website and Mobile Site

Best Email Marketing Campaign of 2008

Red Sox Nation

Best Mobile Marketing Campaign of 2008

Barack Obama / Joe Biden VP pick and database harvest

NBC Heroes Campaign

Best Marketing Book of 2008

Michael Port – Beyond Booked Solid

Best Blog & Podcast for a Women’s Breast Support Sleep Aid of 2008

The Kush Report

Best Fail Fast

Twitter Motrin Scandal

Blackberry Storm

Best Corporate Blogs


Doubletree Hotel San Jose – from Mike

Best Podcast – The Meeting Planner’s Source

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3 thoughts on “Great Marketing – He Told Just 12 Guys”

  1. John/Chris

    Where I am honored that our podcast/blog has been chosen for the best podcast category– our podcast is really a corporate events & meetings podcast which attempts to market resources and ideas for internal corporate events & meeting production. Our marketing push is targeted to an audience of meeting planners and marketing communications professionals who put on events and meetings.

    So maybe Best Event and Meetings Marketing Initiative would be a better category than Best Podcast. Best Podcast just makes me feel like we would loose badly even if have no competition in the category. Hard for our fragile egos.

    Next years economy is going to suck ass for the three of us who produce this podcast because as you know the first thing trimmed is a companies events & marketing budget! So this Marketing Over Coffee award could quite possibly give us at least 13 minutes of happiness next year. Our fingers and toes are crossed.

    Thank you for MOC show, I always look forward to listening each week.

    Happy Holidays to you both!


  2. Yes – a late comment, but I only just listened to this edition on my way to work. I noticed as well that during my vacation last week, I have been getting a crapload more Google Alerts than ever before. Then I thought I was crazy (or did my firm suddenly get that popular?) – but now I know it’s not either!

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