Marketing with Twitter

Over the holidays, I released a new guide called the Twitter Power Guide, a short eBook on advanced Twitter stuff, which might help answer some questions about Twitter.

Download the guide over at the Financial Aid Podcast.

On top of that, Mitch Joel was kind enough to interview me about the guide on his podcast, Six Pixels of Separation. (MP3 file here)

If you want a little more juice out of Twitter, grab the guide and give Mitch’s show a listen!

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3 thoughts on “Marketing with Twitter”

  1. Great interview Chris! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on Twitter, Marketing and your white paper too.

    I must admit, I was confused this morning when my latest episode of Marketing Over Coffee kept opening Six Pixels of Separation instead:

    Happy New Year to you and John!


  2. Finally catching up on this enjoyable podcast. I too was confused at first when it wasn’t an MoC episode, but it introduced me to Mitch Joel and I have since subscribed to Six Pixels of Separation.

    Looking forward to reading the eBook Chris, thanks for your insights.

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