Synchronize and Backup Your Social Networks

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About the evolution of sales models, marketing during a recession, syncing your social media contacts! All this and more…


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01:22 John Blue sends in some entertaining video about enterprise sales. Is the enterprise sales model headed for extinction?

04:07 How to market during a recession.

07:42 Greg asks: has Chris ever tried Dinosaur BBQ Sauce from my home town of Syracuse? Check out this massive list of resources on SEM, Social Media and other tools. Alley Insider calls out a bunch of publications they think are on death’s door.

09:36 Dennis Murray asks about Facebook: Is it socially acceptable to send a message through the add friend interface to my list to ask them to become fans? While you are there think about synchronizing your social network data so you have a backup copy.

18:00 Setting up a LinkedIn Group

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2 thoughts on “Synchronize and Backup Your Social Networks”

  1. Are you kidding me? Backing up the corporate database with LinkedIn and Facebook? From an event producer’s perspective, where the asset really is The List – this is a big, big deal. I have to imagine it’s the same for anyone going with a free subscription distribution model too. As an event producer, this gives me the ability to keep track of prospective attendees as they change jobs, and with their permission too (since they can decline a LinkedIn or Facebook invite, right?). So, not everyone plays in those spaces, that’s still a pretty big deal and it provides you with additional opportunities to speak with those folks from new platforms. Great idea.

    Note to Chris – There are 3 things we from Syracuse hold dear: SU hoops, SU lacrosse and Dinosaur BBQ. If you like BBQ and you haven’t tried Dinosaur BBQ sauce (Mutha Sauce, for those not in the know) or better still – the rub, you’re making a huge mistake. Shaws, Stop & Shop, Roche Bro’s – they all carry it. Listener Greg sounds like a pretty sharp cat, I think you owe him an apology.

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