Improving Email Deliverability

In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :

About Feedburner and Yahoo Pipes, Improving Email Deliverability, and Using Toilet Paper as an Economic Indicator! All this and more…


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00:32 MOC at Hubspot this Friday! Check out and the blog post

01:44 Feedburner shifting over to Google Analytics, power moves through Yahoo Pipes

04:45 Pixelated Marketing – Chris does his own virtual conference, and here’s a link to Mitch Joel’s Original Show

07:00 SPF – one of the email verification standards – SPF FAQ, Validator (check to see if your domain has it), and Wizard. More on the other 3 “standards” Sender ID, Domain Keys and Sender Score from ReturnPath.

14:11 DD and TP, and other unorthodox market research

16:44 YouTube on the Wii and PS3, also testing downloads. Use it for Podcast hosting? The first new network, crotch kicks at no extra charge.

20:15 Featured Videos: “Star Wars from Someone Who Has Never Seen It” and “How It Should Have Ended – LOTR, Star Wars

23:00 What are you doing with online video?

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5 thoughts on “Improving Email Deliverability”

  1. Hey Guys,

    You asked what we are doing with Online Video?

    Well, I’m glad you asked…

    I do an online video where we take products and services that appeal to young men and have women dressed as French Maids explain how to use those products and services in a PG-13 / Benny Hill / Austin Powers kind of way. Our sponsored episodes get between 1 Million and 5 Million views per episode.

    We have produced, distributed and tracked online videos for,,, and have a new episode coming out this week that teaches you how to download audio books.

    If you would like a free audiobook courtesy of French Maid TV visit and choose from over 50,000 titles.

  2. Great episode, guys! I’m curious to see how video will evolve from here, and it’s interesting that the wii is picking up on youtube now.

    Video has so much potential. I’ve been listening to you guys for a while now, along with Mitch Joel, and it pushed me to get my ass in gear, upgrade the website, and start experimenting with video of my art studio. My last entry was of my art reception at Bucheon Contemporary. It’s gotten some good response, especially within my art community here in San Francisco (my target). I’ve sold work because of it, gotten more show opportunities, and have been recognized on the street (which can be a little scary too, I admit!).

    I think it’s mostly because artists tend to be very private (and hate to market). Especially in regards to the contemporary art world (commercial artists seem to jump on the wagon much faster, as they often sell the art themselves through Etsy and Ebay). It’s been a great way to connect with people though, and art is all about connecting with the viewer.

    Anywho, thanks for the great show! I thought your tips on watching out for the quality of toilet paper in shops / restaurants was brilliant. Will have to test it out! 😀 -Meg (

  3. I’ve just started using video this month. I’m not sure exactly where I will fit it into the mix, but for now I’m using it to communicate specific messages about my products and services. My recent videos include:

    (1) A response to Matt Dickman’s video about the Feedburner –> Google migration. I made this video so that people could see how easy it is to recover from the MyBrand glitch in Google’s system.

    (2) I recently launched an internet radio station designed to be played over the speakers at local game retailers. As part of our launch, we’re allowing other websites to syndicate our feed using a pop-up player that they can brand with their own imagery. This video explains how easy it is to to get your very own War Pig Player.

    (3) Inspired by the great ebooks you’ve been adding to the Marketing Over Coffee feed, I added something similar to the feed for Atomic Array, my game marketing podcast. I made this video as an easy way to tell publishers about the news.

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