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About the Basic SEO Toolkit, Twitter, News for Free on Your Kindle! All this and more…


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00:55 PRSA wrap up – (MOC in video), there’s more than the field of dreams.

02:42 Basic SEO Toolkit, Website Grader, Google Analytics, 4Q, SEOMOZ, Master SEO Checklist – Search Engine Guide Andy Beale, Avinash’s Blog, Cutts’ Blog, Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Insights and Trends

Basic SEO Toolkit



Master SEO Checklist for any site launch:




What to name pages:

Determining when to blog/write/post about things:

05:20 Check out some of our Greatest Hits – Conversations with David Meerman Scott, James Connor, and Seth Godin on Tribes.

06:30 Chris at NEDMA now, Facebook beating MySpace 2:1

09:06 Kogi taco truck – Korean BBQ Tacos announce where they will be on twitter (20k followers), the web shifting by at synchronous? WoW gaining steam? Brogan on Overhead.

14:18 Calibre – Creates eBooks of RSS feed

16:45 Upcoming Event Watch: Winners of seats to the Inbound Marketing Summit – Learn from Chris Brogan, David Meerman Scott, Paul Gillin. Craig, one of the ticket winners, asks if there’s any questions for the event. Also coming up: Podcasters Across Borders, MarketingProfs in June (Discount Code espk7), NEDMA

17:33 Question of the Week: What’s in your basic SEO toolkit? Please tell us in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Missing Links Edition”

  1. I find SEObook.com to be a really useful resource for SEO, especially their SEO Firefox Extension, which when activated gives you tons of useful information under your Google search results such as who is linking to your site. You can use this to find out who is linking to your competitors. If they are linking to your competitors, they may link to you as well.

  2. I just received the local Indy Chamber of Commerce magazine where they are offering discounts to members for “ChamberBlog” using Compendeum Software’s platform.

    A bit of bold marketing claim in the copy: “We’re the only blogging tool on the planet that magnifies content for maximum search engine exposure”.

    * my answer to the Question of the Week: What’s in your basic SEO toolkit?
    =>> out source to those that offer “maximum search engine exposure” and I can’t lose 😉

  3. Website Grader is one of the best SEO tools.

    I would add SEObook, which has a pretty useful Firefox plugin that provides SEO information in your Google results such as incoming links, monthly traffic, number of delicious bookmarks. This is a great tool for researching the competing sites and finding out who is linking to them.

  4. Hi John and Chris,

    I saw a Twitter message that asked for questions to talk about on the next show.

    What are the best ways to show ROI of a company blog?

    What are the best metrics to look at when measuring success of a company blog? Traffic, new leads, Google rank?

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