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About SuperCookies,Backsolving Facebook and QR Codes! All this and more…

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00:45 What’s the difference between a white paper and an eBook?

02:37 HTML 5 and SuperCookies Chris wonders why you thought you had privacy in the first place, John likes the relevancy.

03:47 Finally, commercials can be no louder than the shows around them according to bill passed by the Senate.

04:28 Paul Colligan answers the call on Podcast for Pay – Encode the file, or do individual feeds.

06:09 Rep. Ed Markey from Privacy Caucus asks Facebook for info

06:25 Mobile Barcode Wars – Will QR codes take off?

07:26 Marketing Over Coffee LinkedIn Group is brewing with activity: Analytics on the Facebook like button

08:40 Chief Marketing Technologist – Our quality listeners are already tired of hearing this

09:49 Tim Street asking about publishing to the iPad

11:29 Jeff asks about the importance of archiving old email newsletters, Email newsletter #7 drops

16:40 Matt J McD RT from Scott Monty – How facebook decides if you are popular

19:39 Event Wrap Up – BWE – Using the grappling hook on hashtags

21:07 Upcoming Events – Blogtoberfest is here! Chris at Podcamp New Hampshire, John at Suffolk U.on Saturday

23:44 Question of the Week – Are you looking for a Twitter Coach? And, why haven’t you bought the MOC app from iTunes yet? Or The Marketing Over Coffee T-Shirt (and limited edition Beantown Version)

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5 thoughts on “Back in the Doughnut Shop”

  1. Folks at my company now are discussing the difference between a whitepaper and an ebook. Personally, I look at an ebook as a younger, sexier, hipper cousin to the whitepaper. They are not the same thing. I view whitepapers as more technical, deeper, and maybe even less graphically rich. I look at an ebook as something that’s typically landscape-orientation (easier for screen reading), more graphics, better integration of text and images, and not as deep. In fact, an ebook’s CTA might be to go get a whitepaper. If anything, an ebook is more consumable and digestible than a whitepaper.

  2. Why would I need a Twitter coach when I have you guys each week?

    What was the name of the Twitter utility Chris mentioned during the show? It was one of those tools that shows if someone is following you on Twitter.

  3. Great interview ! This company differentiates itself with the ‘5 day bathroom’, promotes itself on ‘Extreme Home Makeover’, and focuses on long-term customer satisfaction to create a, dare I say it, referral engine. Bring us more interviews like this.

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