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12 Marketing Tips for Non-Profits:

  1. Accept donations in every imaginable way.
  2. Make it easy to donate.
  3. Make it OBVIOUS to donate. One call to action only on your web site.
  4. Tell me how my donation is going to be used – and make sure it’s  consistent with what’s listed on sites like Charity Navigator.
  5. Attach your cause to buzz, don’t try to generate buzz. The buzz machine needs no help and you don’t have the budget to feed it, anyway.
  6. Create campaigns that fit reality, no matter how much you wish the world were different. Making the world different is your job.
  7. Emotion sells, intellect rationalizes the sale.
  8. Know what you’re paying for and if you’re paying too much.
  9. Liberally copy from your for-profit cousins.
  10. The House List rules all.
  11. Tell authentic stories. Who is the natural storyteller in your organization? NEVER tell a story by committee.
  12. Last but not least, NAIL DOWN YOUR BRAND TO ONE TWITTER.

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