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What’s the story with SEM and paid ads, geotargeting and the next online ad. All this and more…

Show length 23:40

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00:15 Matt Dickman

00:40 PPC is not Pi11s, P0rn, Casin0s (but checkout the Adult Webmaster Site anyway)

02:22 What is SEM and why do it? Google – nobody does it better.

04:18 GeoTargeting for AdWords

06:11 Arrowpointe maps for visualizing Geographic detail in

07:35 The arcane arts of writing AdWords ads, Matthew Ebel event case study

10:30 Domain Kiting or Tasters and what is AdSense?

12:40 Affiliate Marketing for events and photographers

13:30 Reed asks “What is the next online ad?” – Ads as Content. All podcasts are sponsored.

15:30 Customer Experience is the best advertising, brand blocking is coming soon, the power of LinkedIn – link to Chris.

20:00 Monetizing and getting a mixer

John at Blogger Social and checking out Dopplr

Chris is with Matthew Ebel at the Common Cafe in Waltham on March 15th and is going to Podcamp DC

Our theme song is called Mellow G by Fonkmasters from the Podsafe Music Network

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