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Dr. Allan Weiss, Marketing Profs CEO

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Dr. Allan Weiss presents in this recording from the MarketingProfs
June 2008 B2B Forum in Boston. From the conference notes:

Most companies believe they should be building long term relationships
with all their customers. They call these Value-Added relationships,
and they indeed can be valuable. However, in this presentation you’ll
learn that not every customer wants a long-term relationship. The
ideas that will be presented are most relevant to those who deal with
other companies (agencies, suppliers, business buyers), but there are
insights into consumers as well.

In particular, you will learn:

* What a "value-added’ relationship means
* How to identify customers who want a "value-added’ relationship
* What strategies should be used with customers amenable to long and
short-term relationships
* How to nurture a customer relationship

You’ll come away with a clearer understanding of relationships and how
to identify partners who want to have a relationship with you, and on
what terms.

Show length 55:00

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