Slackershot: LIsteningSo here’s a question for the MoC Community. I need a tool, similar to Google Insight or Ad Planner or whatever that can tell me what a demographic is thinking in a given time period.

For example, I want to know what college students searched for while on Spring Break. Right now, I have to use Trends or Insight and put in a bunch of terms like drunk, wet t-shirt, etc. and judge for myself which is the most popular – and I will probably guess wrong and miss the thing they were most searching for in that time, which was actually beer.

For example, I want to know what the hot topic was at the Inbound Marketing Summit on Twitter. Yes, there are plenty of Tweets to search through with the #ims08 hashtag, but a tool that summarized it and told me that Seth Godin was the top discussion would be useful.

What marketing tools do you know of that can do this?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments!

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