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About Feedburner and Yahoo Pipes, Improving Email Deliverability, and Using Toilet Paper as an Economic Indicator! All this and more…


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00:32 MOC at Hubspot this Friday! Check out and the blog post

01:44 Feedburner shifting over to Google Analytics, power moves through Yahoo Pipes

04:45 Pixelated MarketingChris does his own virtual conference, and here’s a link to Mitch Joel’s Original Show

07:00 SPF – one of the email verification standards – SPF FAQ, Validator (check to see if your domain has it), and Wizard. More on the other 3 “standards” Sender ID, Domain Keys and Sender Score from ReturnPath.

14:11 DD and TP, and other unorthodox market research

16:44 YouTube on the Wii and PS3, also testing downloads. Use it for Podcast hosting? The first new network, crotch kicks at no extra charge.

20:15 Featured Videos: “Star Wars from Someone Who Has Never Seen It” and “How It Should Have Ended – LOTR, Star Wars

23:00 What are you doing with online video?

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