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About Research with Twitter, Social Media and Healthcare, and Webinar Providers! All this and more…


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Show length 25:19

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00:52 Using Twitter to solicit feedback.

02:02 MoC gets too popular and is forced to upgrade. Thank you listeners!

05:22 Facebook hits the tipping point, Social Media – Free like a puppy, LinkedIn is all about B2B – groups are it.

09:15 John tries Windows 7 and asks Chris about Virtualization vs. running window apps on a Mac

11:27 Will social media disrupt Healthcare the same way it has disrupted Journalism? Reed S. asked about Social Media and Healthcare, Chris B. asked about Social Media Optimization vs. SEO “Link building, networking, or brand extension”

15:40 John T. says Social Network Backup is fantastic and Dinosaur BBQ is legit, James Connor Interview and Hubspot Conversation both forthcoming

16:00 Field Editor John Blue:

18:00 Terry asks about Webinar Providers – John is on GoToWebinar (and watching Adobe Connect), Chris uses Ustream. StreamLogics and GatherPlace also on the watch list

21:40 Questions of the week: How are you using twitter? What are you using for Webinars?

22:19 Chris talks about the sorry state of the economy after working at College Goal Sunday

Upcoming Event Watch: Nothing coming up right now!

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