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About ROI for Social Media, Twitter, and Click Fraud! All this and more…


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Show length 25:02

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00:45 Cracking the code to calculate the ROI of Social Media

05:30 Testing and custom Google Analytics Codes – read about them in the ebook

07:08 Social Media snake oil

HubSpot Dashboard08:37 Hubspot Dashboard To-Do list: Getting the benefit of the Graders

11:00 Twitter Spam on the rise

12:12 Google Knol vs. Wikipedia, Google Print Ads gone, Click Fraud record high in Q4

14:59 Craig’s List not wasting enough money, setting up your own clickfarm, selling virtual gold

19:38 Superbowl – Doritos Ad – amateurs smoke the agencies?

21:00 Does anyone use Technorati? We need some Technorati Love, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon

22:30 Perfection of Marketing interview coming up as as weekend edition

Upcoming Event Watch: PRSA in NYC

Question of the Week: What are you measuring social media ROI with?

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