In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :

About Twitter Slowdown, more on Google Wave, and Gear Watch! All this and more…


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Show length 22:31

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00:38 MarketingProfs show continues to grow despite economy

01:25 Twitter Growth Stalls according to Mashable. Check out stats from Compete on social network traffic.

03:39A deeper look at Google Wave

07:23 New Apple Gear, Palm Pre

10:27: Charles asks about ROI of a company blog?

13:35 Google Language Kit

15:08 Marketing Profs B2B event wrapup – Conversion rate on virtual events strong, Get the low hanging fruit before you play around with new tools.

19:54 Upcoming Event Watch: Tonight Matthew Ebel event, and Saul Colt in town, Podcamp Boston – Register Now, Podcasters Across Borders, Inbound Marketing Summit

25:59 Question of the Week: How are you measuring marketing ROI? Via dollars or Impact?

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