Looking for some easy juice and content for your year-end blogging? Make a top 10 list of the best posts for the year as found in your Google Analytics traffic stats. (you are using Google Analytics, yes?) Here’s how.

Start a new blog post, obviously.

Go into Analytics. Choose Content > Top Content.

Top Content - Google Analytics

Select your date range to be the entire year. (it’s the little grey arrow on the far right)

Hit Apply. You’ll get a nice list of your top pages. Bonus – if you use a Year/Month/Day format in your URLs and post titles, you can filter just posts for the year.

Top Content - Google Analytics

See each of those little arrowed boxes next to the numbers on the left? Those are links to your posts. Just construct a bulleted list in your blog post of your top 5/10/whatever posts, right click each box, and paste the URLs to your blog post.

Here’s an example of the top 10 Marketing Over Coffee posts for the year:

  1. Synchronizing Social Networks eBook
  2. Interview with Mitch Joel
  3. Newsletter #1
  4. Putting Up, Shutting Up, Getting Data
  5. Discussion with David Meerman Scott
  6. Wash Your Produce
  7. Twitter Slowdown, Google Wave, Palm Pre
  8. Get a Free eBook
  9. Wonder Wheel, Duplicate Content Penalties
  10. Still the Best Mraketing [sic] Podcast

This kind of list is incredibly popular, easy to construct, and built on reliable data from your Analytics account. Take it to the bank before the New Year!

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