The title of this episode is intentionally misspelled for reasons explained in the show. Thanks to all for noticing.

In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :

About Organic SEM vs. Paid, The 7 Days of Marketing, YouTube as Marketing Tool! All this and more…


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Show length 22:54

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00:50 Cynthia Barnes asks about buying keywords vs. organic, Wonderwheel,, and Adwords, Paul Gillin’s Secrets of Social Media Marketing. Why this week’s show title is misspelled by design, or why this could also be the best makreting podcast, too.

07:40 Charles Neville gives a good tip to our Aussie friend Bryan on redirects and custom URLs

08:30 Email eBook nearing final draft, Week after next we are with David Meerman Scott, Sign up for the email newsletter.

09:34 Marketing’s Inside Baseball – On Non-profits, my $100, All you can eat at the smackdown buffet for Charlene Li on Mitch’s Panel, Beth Kanter, Charity Navigator

13:30 For Q4 – The 7 Days of Marketing is Coming

16:20 iPod Nano with Video and YouTube as Marketing Tool and thanks to SBBuzz

18:50 Last week Question of The Week: Daniel Johnson Jr. sends in his Gigadial ChannelBill said check out Castroller

19:45 Question of the Week: Tell us what charity you would like to work with for The 7 Days of Marketing

20:22 BlogWorld register with Marketing Over Coffee 20% off Discount code: MOC20

21:10 Upocoming Event Watch: Sept 29 webinno – Entrepreneur and marketing/media executive Mike Troiano will host a conversation with a panel of media reporters/columnists/editors including Scott Kirsner of the Boston Globe, Web 2.Open is coming! Inbound Marketing Summit Boston, MarketingProfs Chicago, Evocation with An-shu Stephen K. Hayes.

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