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About Free, top 5 SEO Tips, the Deal with Gaming! All this and more…


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00:36 Everyone is talking about Free – Chris Anderson, Barry Schwartz, Dan Ariely – the cost of getting attention vs. profits

03:14 Top 5 for Tactics for Improving SEO and Marketing Impact

15:18 Tim Street on TwiM, and Anakin Interns

16:46 Matt Cutts coming to Boston for SIGIR 2009, Matt, dinner is on us if you are up for a meet-up.

18:45 Ed writes in on Gaming – How Sony and Microsoft are tricking out these boxes with tools that others can use to facilitate communication and build community? Chris’ Guild

24:10 It was the week of the Podcast Lists – Shoutouts from both Mitch Joel and Jay Berkowitz

20:47 Upcoming Event Watch: Podcamp Boston – Register Now, Inbound Marketing Summit, WebInno July, BlogWorld / New Media Expo

25:30 Question of Last Week: Anybody crushing it with Facebook Fan pages? Nope.

26:10 Question of the Week: What are your top 5 site promotion tips?

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