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About Getting Twitter Followers, B2B Email, How We Invented Taguchi Testing for Email! All this and more…


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Show length 23:03

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00:29 Secret to get 100’s of twitter followers – our methodology using Buzzom

04:41 Rock Band Continues – MTV and Harmonix adding Rock Band Network

05:20 Jenny asks about B2B email Campaigns. Tons of info from MarketingSherpa in their Email Marketing Handbook

10:27 Taguchi paper – any good sources out there?

10:42 Dave – Aggregating Tweets good or bad? Worse yet, his PR went from 4 to 0

17:04 Aaron asks for an all tools episode, we’ll work on that while we are editing video

17:42 Last week Question of The Week: Sorry no silver bullet, guess you might have to actually do some work

20:53 Upcoming Event Watch: Podcamp Boston – Register Now, MarketingProfs Chicago, BlogWorld / New Media Expo

22:09 Question of the Week: Can you prove we didn’t invent Taguchi Email Testing?

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