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About Killer Campaigns, More on Local than You’ll Ever Need, What’s that Smell! All this and more…


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Show length 27:11

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00:58 Dunks offering some killer prizes, QR Code Tombstones, Bemoaning the slow news cycle

03:14 Local tips for Becky, Justin wants analytics, Mariana asking about finding local customers online, Matt on small biz non-social

08:10 Do some Market Research, Google Ad Planner, Facebook Media Planner

12:32 Jennifer asked how do we manage our time, John pushes First Things First, and virtual assistants, Macros – Text Expander and Texter, saying “No”.

18:18 Cool Nintendo Gamer Girl Campaign, Chris busts some Warcraft Psychological Profiling.

20:18 Last week Question of The Week: Taguchi stuff over in Gigadial thanks to Karl Kasca, get it on the Gigadial, or go here.

22:32 Upcoming Event Watch: Podcamp Boston – Register Now, MarketingProfs Chicago, BlogWorld / New Media Expo, ScentWorld – Vegas in Nov.

24:30 Question of the Week: C’mon guys, what are you doing for local marketing? This is stuff that can be shared! Also – Know anyone that can do Lucite Awards? The 24th Marketing Over Coffee Awards are coming in Q4.

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