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A Special Interview with Tim Street!

John is off on personal business this week, but do not fear! We have loaded the vault with some exclusive interviews, including this one with online video expert Tim Street (French Maid TV, and Ape Digital).

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Show length 35:28

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01:00 Emotion, Spectacle and Story

04:30 French Maid TV and what’s next? And Tim’s eBook – 10 Things You Should Do Before You Upload Your Online Video

06:36 Studios getting involved, Electric Farm’s Gemini Division, and Woke Up Dead

08:28 You Suck at Photoshop

09:20 How would new entertainment be distributed? Perhaps the App Store, perhaps on a new tablet?

11:20 Avoiding the creativity-killing committees

14:04 Common mistakes in hosting

16:36 Using online influencers like iJustine and Felicia Day (The Guild) Do You Want To Date My Avatar?

18:10 Building a library of content that makes you money for years into the future. Branded entertainment vs. Integrated Advertising

24:30 Using vs. Abusing Social Networks and disclosure

27:50 Tips for Online Video – Goals, Emotions, Spectacle and Conflict

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