In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :

About Google Indexing Tweets, Hosting Viral Video and Chicago Mike! All this and more…

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Show length 21:13

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00:45 Jon Writes about the virtue of subscribing to a podcast via email

02:20 MOC Newsletter #3 Drops with the Directory and 12 Days of Marketing Over Coffee!

02:47 Google includes Tweets in the One Box, Nexis One on T-Mobile given to all Google Employees, Blue Sky Factory Blog Post on Engagement and Deliverability

06:18 Matt asks if there a downside to host video on your own site instead of services like vimeo, or YouTube

07:55 Andy wrote in about developing a mission statement – avoid the gobbledy-gook, shorter the better, be bold.

10:19 Chicago Mike writes with another item for the 12 Days – verify that the non-profit has control of their domain names, Check out Campaign Monitor for an email service, and why have we ignored @marketingovercoffee?

14:30 Hot games and toys for the holidays, MMORPGs coming from Star Trek, Star Wars, DC Comics, fake toy shortages.

17:54 Anybody make Lucite awards? The Marketing Over Coffee Nominations closing on 12/23

19:54 Upcoming Event Watch: None this week, enjoy your holiday!

20:18 Question of the Week: What’s hot on your radar and what’s your plan for 2010?

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