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Now with more Seth Godin! We talk about his new book: Linchpin

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Show length 23:30

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00:52 What’s Linchpin about?

02:30 How do entreprenuerial linchpins fit in to large organizations?

05:40 Who are the artists?

06:55 Can you get beyond Dunbar’s Number? Gary V. is using twitter to add two zeros.

08:10 What is The Resistance? What is Emotional Labor?

11:22 Thrashing – a classic Marketing problem, and yes, Duke Nukem! Real artists ship.

14:16 Is there any future for mass media advertising?

15:30 What’s are the trends in privacy?

17:15 Zen Habits – Read Leo’s Blog

18:40 Making dreams come true and having Super Powers

21:12 Where the books come from

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