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About Twitter Stats, Facebook Land Grab, and Knives! All this and more…

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00:50 Edison Research Webinar on Twitter usage and trends, why does our tech infrastructure stink?

05:03 Facebook Landgrab – smart commentary from Jeremiah Owyang and how to from Blue Sky Factory.

09:42 Google TV Ads – Bob Calls in on Slate’s TV Ad, Asking for Mail – Chris from sent us an original peice of artwork Missive #65

12:10 The Marketing Over Coffee Awards are supposed to arrive today, Follow up to last week’s Travel segment. Robin Brown had a good one on making your bag visible.

14:57 Steve asks what’s in our laptop bags.

19:10 Home Base Update – Shirts coming from Custom Planet, get yours now. Just sponsor John in his fund raising efforts for the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program. Donate $250 or more and get a free mug, donate $2,000, be a Q3 sponsor.

19:40 Upcoming Event Watch: Profs Boston in next week, see Chris with the Red Saber and The Last M Show

20:20 Last week’s Question of the Week – Send us your travel hacks – Mike said grab the air sickness bags, Alan mentioned the vaseline/bacitracin trick, is it true?

22:04 Question of the Week – Are you using the new Facebook Social Plug Ins? Why aren’t you on the mailing list?

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