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A Special Interview with Author Steven Pressfield and Ishita Gupta!

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00:43 Ishita Gupta works on The Domino Project, a series of books and the next step in the evolution of publishing. She also works on a number of projects with Seth Godin, whose book “Poke the Box” was the first book in The Domino Project. Steven Pressfield is the author of “Do the Work”, the recently released second book in The Domino Project. His previous books include “The Legend of Bagger Vance”, made into the 2001 movie with Will Smith, Matt Damon and Chalize Theron and “Gates of Fire”, regarded as one of the best books on the Battle of Thermopolyae.

01:25 What is the Domino Project?

02:27 How are books selected for the Domino Project? Is it open to novels?

08:31 What is The Resistance?

09:46 Fighting the Inner Critic

10:41 How Screenwriters Pitch

12:05 Getting out of the Belly of the Beast

15:07 How successful is the Domino Project and What Comes Next?

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