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Learn about Hurricane Marketing, Dreamforce, Twitter Power Tools! All this and more…

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00:53 First Earthquake then Hurricane – Hurricane Stats and online weather maps,, Hurricane Marketing

04:28 Steve Jobs steps down, Dress Like Steve Jobs Day, Cloud iPhone? iPhone 5? Sprint iPhone?

05:12 @Swinrs Asks about PC or Mac for a Social Media Marketing Manager, MITE

07:56 Dreamforce rockin’ it this week, monitoring #df11, power twitter tools

11:30 Victor deals with fair trade certified coffee from local producers in Nicaragua and asks for marketing tips.

15:01 Top reasons for Direct Mail FAIL, We get some direct mail

18:21 From the LinkedIn Group – Steven tells us Mappoint is alive and well with version 2011! Question on excluding keywords from Google results.

20:04 Multi-Channel funnels on Google Analytics

21:42 Upcoming Events:

Podcamp Boston, Future M

BlogWorld Expo LA – Nov. 3-5, 2011, Los Angeles, CA – MOC20, 20% off any pass, MOC50, 50% off Expo

22:21 Question of the Week: What advice can you give for someone marketing fair trade coffee?

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