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Learn all about Pinterest, Recording Webinars and Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter!

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00:37 @ryanholota sends in the Army Pinterest Board

04:57 The benefit of staying hidden

06:58 AllthingsD says Apple shopping TV components, it’s about time for some new Apple stuff

08:41 New Facebook behavioral targeting data, and lowering the creep factor

11:25 @EllensAdventure asks: About Kindle Audio format, recording webinars and Google Places

15:48 Lots of heat in the LinkedIn Group

18:17 @ReillyRick on Jeremy Lin and the Linsanity, Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter

20:45 The MoC Quarterly Report – Get yours today! Price Break!

21:11 The Marketing Over Coffee Award Winners for 2012!: Steve Jobs, Seth Godin for We Are All Weird, Ronald Reagan Public Library and Museum, for Inspirational Stories, Dynamic for Short Stories, and Andrea Vascellari for a QR Case Study

22:57 On the road: Blog World New York on the horizon.

24:00 Question of the Week: Still wondering what you are doing with Pinterest?

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