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Learn all about the Geopolitical Situation, Agriculture and other stuff we know nothing about!

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The Kelly Letter: Jason Kelly’s Sunday morning stock market report. A witty recap of the week – with price targets.

00:27 Chris’ decongestant cocktail

01:15 Record profit from Google, record revenue at Microsoft, EU fire sale

02:38 The impact of corn – calling Dr. John Blue

03:49 Only half the spam?

06:12 X-Files Anti-Virus conspiracy theory

06:20 Chris Brogan asks “Should markteters get into text over images?”

10:02 Target dropping the Kindle to retaliate against showrooming?

13:35 Luke asks how to better in LinkedIn

16:30 Google acquires Sparrow

16:45 Mike asks about Mobile email templates, we talk responsive design

20:11 Ad Retargeting

21:43 Ed Healy asks for a Marketing Reading Rainbow: The Summary of Commentary

25:29 Road Wrap up: Chris – Podcamp East, B2BCamp, Dreamforce, GameSym


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