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Apple Announcements – iPhone 7 Plus with Bokeh. And Frankenphone!

Google Tag manager gaining on Tealium and Adobe Tag Manager

How not to skew Google Analytics

Google Filtering Local Results

Infer has done it again. First it was hassle free by demonstrating the system – showing you your score to determine if Infer would work for you. Now they are going even further with a Free 14 day trial. Usually you are charged five figures or more to set up a test case or proof of concept of predictive sales & marketing – Infer just says “Let’s get you started in just 3 steps:”

  1. Sign Up
  2. Sync your Salesforce Data
  3. Start building actionable profiles

Profile Management easily combines all of your existing customer data with thousands of external signals from the web to identify and target your best prospects and fill the gaps in your customer profile cards in CRM and marketing automation program. Check it out now, visit

Shipping company bankrupt

Header bidding explained

The Sorry State of Social Media Engagement

Schneier on Security – using WiFi to identify people by body shape.

When we need office space, a place to meet, or just someplace to call home downtown, we use Breather.

Facebook Mobilegeddon and fake stories

Secret Audio-only content

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