In this Marketing Over Coffee:

Just a quick check in and thank you, review of the most popular shows of the year, and holiday giveaway!

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Headlining this year was Chris’ coverage of GA4 and what’s happening in AI:

Chris on GA4

Most Popular: CJ Gross asks "What’s Your Zip Code Story?"

It was a huge year for copywriting and working on your pitch:

Ann Handley’s new edition of Everybody Writes

Startups and Language with Matt Lerner

Nancy Harhut on Behavioral Science in Marketing

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I went out of my way this year for coverage beyond just digital tactics, some great interviews from marketing pros:

TV – Angela Voss on all inclusive TV advertising

Direct Mail with Breanne and Meagan from The Mailworks

Outdoor Advertising with Jeanne Hopkins of OneScreen

On the operations side: Marketing Operational Excellence with Peter Mahoney of Plannuh made the Top 5 of this year

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And superstar returning guests:

Seth Godin talks about The Carbon Almanac

Debbie Millman talks about talking to The World’s Most Creative People

Things you should watch:

The 1975 Live from Madison Square Garden back in November

Letterman interviews Zelenskyy in Ukraine

My Holiday gift guide – last addition: 1More Triple Driver Over Ear Headphones

I hope you have a great holiday and all the best to you in 2023!

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