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Learn about the earliest podcasts, Trust Agents, Flinch and More!!

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CEO of

Raised over $150M with Breather

Podcasting way before true crime podcasts were hotter than Beanie Babies

The first hip hop podcast ever, cathing the ear of C.C. Chapman for Podshow

Creating what today we would call a performance marketing agency while becoming a NYT Best Selling Author with Trust Agents

8:56 – 10:20 The Mailworks – Get the high ROI only direct mail can deliver, work with a full service direct mail partner. With The Mailworks, hit mailboxes on time, manage every campaign, and track your results easily online. For MOC listeners: set up a free call with one of their experts


Breather and raising VC

20:16 – 21:45 Notion AI helps you work faster, write better, and think bigger, doing tasks that normally take you hours in just seconds. Notion is fantastic for project management. Combines your notes and docs into one space that’s simple and beautifully designed, with the power of AI built right inside — not a separate AI tool or browser tab. Try Notion AI for free right now at

The difference between and entrepreneur and and operator

You have to love the customer

Tamsen and The Red Thread

Raising $10m for Practice

The Thiel Fellowship

On the reading table: Elon, Titan, The Path to Power, The Big Switch

Kota the Friend

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