Defeeting the Shoeless

Today we talk about: Everybody loves donuts, M Show on vacation, managing your RSS feed, Kill the cobbler and defeat the footless, how to market a podcast, audience multipliers vs. star power, Chris’ blog comment link generator, what’s a trackback in real life? LinkedIn, What makes a great Marketeer? artists vs. analysts, marketing as a form of media, living in the online community, BYOC, Paull Young Syndrome, too many cameras, bag of tricks – rule of thirds, take a risk – I’m a Seth Godin Believer. 5th Generation MySpace campaigns, brainbusters and Ninja secrets. Email campaign logic.

John is gearing up for Podcamp Boston 2

Chris is getting ready for Podcamp Philly

Our theme song is called Mellow G by Fonkmasters from the Podsafe Music Network

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4 thoughts on “Defeeting the Shoeless”

  1. I wonder, as I’m now entering a few months of listening to Marketing Over Coffee, if you guys are ever going to do a fan-mail or Q and A show?

    I have a bunch of marketing questions that I’d like you to cover, but for two VERY intelligent and well-versed marketing gurus, you don’t give listeners easy enough access to you.

    I listen to the show in the car.

    I happen to have a phone in the car, but no computer or Internet access.

    I don’t have an iPhone — yet.

    SO, when I think of a question or comment for the show, or if I want to respond in the moment to a comment you guys make, I am unable to do so because you have yet to give us a phone number.

    Please establish one so we can call in. The show would benefit.

    Here are just some of the questions I have (and bear in mind that I’ve just gotten back from two weeks in Paris and am a couple shows behind).

    Is there a real way to make money with a podcast or blog?

    As a professional writer (and wannabe professional podcaster), how would you suggest convincing a corporation that a podcast is a worthy investment for internal and external communication?

    You both are FULL-ON marketing professionals. What benefit do you reap from talking the talk of “go grass roots”, “make all your moves social initiatives”, “use Facebook, twitter, pounce and other tools to generate buzz”?? At some point don’t organizations who are using these tools and these communities to market things and ideas have to elevate themselves to a level of disclosure where readers and listeners know that you’re just a socially conscious business doing business in the ‘grass-roots’ arena?

    This last question isn’t to take you to task for your current and past activities, it’s more to get you to think about how people in business might be able to walk the line between being the ‘big, bad business entity’ and still having a foot in the social pool of people who are the lifeblood of unconferences and other social marketing circles.

    I guess that last murmur is a byproduct of it being 4AM.

    Maybe Christopher is recording this alone if John is away on vacation. But if now. Maybe you guys have wifi at the DD and will see my comment before you start yammering in ten minutes.

    1 Comment line with phone number
    2 Answer some listener questions
    3 Give an accounting of the benefits to manipulating perception
    4 Explain how much transparency is good
    5 What’s next for making money with podcasts and blogs



    Oh, yes…

    podcasts – Bowl of Cheese, A Life of Play
    blogs – Bowl of Cheese, Things to Worry About, TDF07 and more

    Visit for links to it all.

  2. Comment line is up, plus the new email box at MarketingOverCoffee {at} Gmail {dot} com. We do answer listener questions, and now we have a whole bunch of them.

  3. Thanks Jeff, yes, we just got the comments line rolling and I’m excited to get the questions in. All add all your topics to our next outline!

  4. Hey- Love the show guys!

    More importantly- John- drop me an email. I am compiling a huge email list of academics to invite to podcamp- we need to talk- let me help you out.


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