Negative Keywords

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About Twitter, Chromebook, Negative Keywords! All this and more…

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01:28 Did you check out the Steven Pressfield interview?

01:35 bot traffic increase, Manage Flitter for twitter management

06:08 What’s up with the Chromebook

08:46 Backup PSA: Automatic WordPress backup that dumps to Amazon S3

10:22 Erik asks Do “negative keywords” work in Google AdWords and SEO?

17:03 MoC Award winner Ben Strong asks: I have a FB account, group, & “fan page” for our office at work. I need to clean it up and want to just have a fan page. Talk to chel.

18:30 From the linkedin group – John asks: mobile app and browser extension permissions

20:00 Chris continues checking out Empire Avenue

21:44 Upcoming Events: Blogworld Expo NYMOC20 and MOC50 discount codes, Profs B2B

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2 thoughts on “Negative Keywords”

  1.  Unfortunately the automatic backup plugin requires ZIP support on your hosting provider, which GoDaddy (my provider) doesn’t seem to have.  On a different note, I *do* use an S3 plugin that uses S3 to host the media on my blog (basically whatever normally goes into wordpress/uploads goes up into S3 instead. It’s been a load saver.

  2.  Good discussion of AdWords match types! Two points –

    1. A great way to manage negative keywords is to pull your search query reports – just click “show all keywords” while looking at the list of keywords in AdWords. This will show you the actual search phrases that triggered your campaigns – I have this running weekly and am always finding things I *don’t* want to add to my negative keyword lists. 

    2. People should be aware of Google’s newest match type, Modified Broad Match. Google’s definition of “broad match” is really broad and they will match you to synonyms and variations that you might not expect. Modified Broad lets you *require* some words in the search phrase. Just stick a plus in front of key terms. So if you’re sponsoring “blue widgets” and you want to make sure Google doesn’t match you to some widget-like term that isn’t what you actually sell, try sponsoring “blue +widgets” and you’ll reign in the matching. 

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