The Turk AutomatonIn this Marketing Over Coffee learn :

About what to use to send bulk email, using WordPress as your homepage, and why nothing is free. All this and more…

Show length 26:45

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00:46 Mark “The Boffin” asks about Email tools and autoresponders – VerticalResponse, blue sky factory, Manticore, ExactTarget, ConstantContact, Dada Mail, or even Do-It-Yourself!

06:20 Captchas and Turks, security and getting work done, John laments sending money abroad

08:12 Ozzie asks about website hosting and getting a website off the ground, the risk of CPU overage

11:00 Ghetto-style websites with wordpress. Learn how to use wordpress, get a template cheap (or get a wordpress template done by a pro). Take advantage of all the plugins out there

15:00 Hosting a blog yourself versus using a service provider, and selling off third level domains as a Red Saber tactic

18:00 Google Apps and Integration announced, and Google looking to aggregate Analytics data, tracking movement is more important than aggregating data

22:08 Even more on the Forrester report, and charging for Podcamp Boston 2, nothing is free (if you have no sponsor, you are the sponsor), maybe John can finally get Marketing Over Cocktails going

John is still on the wedding tour

Chris is going to Podcamp DC and then Podcamp NYC.

Our theme song is called Mellow G by Fonkmasters from the Podsafe Music Network

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