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About Duplicate Content, Google Analytics, PDFs for Kindle! All this and more…


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00:36 Blue Sky Release Party – Publicaster 7! New features, throttling email, Taguchi testing

03:13 More on Compendium, Don S. provided a great link.Aaron Wall (no known relation) on Google’s emphasis on branding, and a record month for MOC!

05:41 Feedburner Changeover

06:50 Mike McAllen asks about Google analytics – Get this book: Web Analytics: An Hour a Day. AdWords concepts Lost IS (Rank) and Lost IS (Budget). Geotargeting

15:07 Keith Burtis is trying to figure out the best way to move information out of social networks so that it can be usable – ChatCatcher, Google Docs,Twitter Search to RSS to Yahoo Pipes (including John’s PSP Pipe).

18:00 Plug for the eBook and buying tracks through YouTube on iTunes or Amazon, both of us get Kindles, PDFs on the Kindle, PRSA cast in this weekend

Upcoming Event Watch: PRSA in NYC, Blogger Social Cancelled, Tim Street reporting from SXSW, Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Jungle

Question of the Week: What’s the most important web analytics stat that you track?

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