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About AB Testing,, Facebook API! All this and more…

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00:39 Newsletter AB Test, the OPML file is available and the previous newsletter is now live on the site.

04:50 Nigel mentions that the Conference in a Box is hidden away, but really great.

05:20 Sam solves the $100 challenge, the cash goes to after 30 days. We are hooking up Igor Uschenko with a new engine for his cab, you can help!

09:31 Keith Burtis asks about realtime Facebook searches – Workaround with Delicious, or hit the Facebook API

10:58 Jeremy writes in and wants an MOC Nomination: He has a robust Facebook page , YouTube channel, podcast and we even have a pretty heavy email list that has an average of 78% open and 45% click throughs on links. Also buying Hubspot.

11:45 Jeff writes: what is StumbleUpon traffic worth? Also tips on Networking with basic social media

13:48 Elsie’s Yoga Class: Live and Unplugged Podcast. Asks about going from service to self-hosting – Add links with ecto or zoundry raven. Citing your testimonials. Podcamp Pittsburgh?

19:37 Ford doing a cool promotion on the Taurus

21:54 Captcha lawsuit

23:37 David on redirects: Is it a regular site redirect or do you have to host the site on each individual domain?

25:57 Last week Question of The Week: Jeremy said they would appreciate help for the 7 Days of Marketing

26:10 Question of the Week: Do you have any tricks to boost open rates?

26:39 BlogWorld register with Marketing Over Coffee 20% off Discount code: MOC20

26:50 Upocoming Event Watch: Sept 29 webinno – Entrepreneur and marketing/media executive Mike Troiano will host a conversation with a panel of media reporters/columnists/editors including Scott Kirsner of the Boston Globe, Web 2.Open is coming! Inbound Marketing Summit Boston, MarketingProfs Chicago, Evocation with An-shu Stephen K. Hayes, Podcamp Philly.

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