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About Twitter Tools, That We Are Not Lawyers, and How to Have a Life! All this and more…

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01:06 Jeff Rutherford sends in an interesting article on why Gourmet Magazine died.

01:56 Everett asks about Twitter tools: Tweetdeck, Seesmic Desktop, Tweetie, Tweetlater (now, TwitterCounter, Tweepml, TwitterBatcher

05:19 Daniel Johnson, Jr. asks about Bing vs. Google Also how someone might calculate a conversion rate
for a new media project – Check out Chris’ presentation at IMS

09:27 Rocco asks: Is Technorati the most effective resource for locating blogs/bloggers?

10:12 Ed Healy asks about setting up a local internet access point in your booth at a trade show or convention. Joel on Software talked about this recently. Chris points out a portable EVDO router

12:45 Todd asks:  Is it possible to patent a specific podcasting strategy? We say it’s not worth the hassle, but we are not lawyers.

15:21 Matt on Boring Day Job vs. Gaming Podcast

19:00 Karthic comments and asks about marketing services. It just needs to be worth talking about.

20:45 Last Week’s Question of the Week: What one thing about marketing is extremely important that you did not learn at school? And – Are you an educator?

21:10 Question of the Week: What do most marketers get wrong?

22:00 BlogWorld register with Marketing Over Coffee 20% off Discount code: MOC20, Upocoming Event Watch: Web 2.Open is coming! MarketingProfs Chicago Oct 20-21, Evocation with An-shu Stephen K. Hayes.

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