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In this episode Trust Insights CEO Katie Robbert joins us for the year end wrap up!

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The Great Resignation

Refusal to go remote

The global supply chain

7:38 – 8:45 Experience what your customers experience with UserTesting. The UserTesting Human Insight Platform lets you understand it all from their perspective. And it allows you to target your exact audience, ask any question or request to perform tasks, and, most valuably, get a window into their world.

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Chris’ first NFT

GPT3 is the big winner

Rebranding of Trust Insights

The Maturation of Influencer Marketing from Upfluence

4 Disciplines of Execution from Blueshift


Tamsen Webster and the Red Thread

Amber Bogie on ABM

Kate Burnett on Neurodiversity

Kevin Gleason from Leatherman

17:40 – 18:30 Terminus – the marketing platform for efficient revenue growth. Terminus is changing the way marketing and sales teams work together, helping them achieve amazing results like 313% ROI, 60% more meetings booked, and a 40% decrease in acquisition costs. The platform puts crucial customer data in the hands of all revenue teams so they can target, win, and retain their most important accounts. Learn more at

Fails!! Zoom Award

Clubhouse Hype Cycle


Rise of the Chief Misinterpetation Officer


QR Codes dead again

John, Brian and Jennifer!

Stay agile!

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